Important Things To Know About Toolboxes

A custom ute toolbox and its tray is flat steel, aluminum or alloy tray and it is fixed at the back of the UTE chassis. There are three types of UTE trays that are easily available in the market 

  • Standard 
  • Premium 
  • Custom 

Every one of these sorts of custom ute plate accompany a wide scope of additional alternatives including tool stash, stepping stool, racks, frill, and equipment. Most of the amazing toolboxes for utes are specially created by utilizing strong materials. The greater part of the organizations create Custom UTE plate simply as indicated by your depiction and they make it sure that you like it. After the creation, the plate are shot impacted and afterward powder covering.

Custom design

Hand craft UTE is the best among others since they are structured in the wake of breaking down your particulars completely, the group of specialists sets up a few gatherings with you to fly out what precisely you need and afterward they start chipping away at the plan. Following a day in and out battle, an ideal plan simply as per your particulars is made. Regardless of what size of your frame is Custom UTE canopies plate will never inconvenience you and you will never lament to have one appended to your skeleton.

How much it cost

The cost is relying upon the material from which the UTE plate is made of and in which style. Cost likewise relies upon the seller, on the off chance that you pick an exceptionally high caliber and marked merchant than be prepared to lose your pocket more. On the off chance that you pick nearby merchant than it will be relatively less exorbitant, at that point the marked one.

  • The price of steel trays is starting at $30000. 
  • Custom UTE trays cost according to the size and material you want 

Things to consider 

Here are some tips that you can use to fabricate the exact custom UTE tray: 


A UTE plate is produced using steel, aluminum, and composite yet the decision relies upon your business necessities and on the off chance that you need one for your own utilization, at that point, for this situation, the decision still relies upon your prerequisites and ways of life. Allow me to clarify: Aluminum plate are light in weight and poor in cost,  Steel UTE plate are extreme and particularly solid, Alloy UTE plate look for consideration due to its alluring physical appearance, You ought to pick the one as indicated by the weight and merchandise you are going to carry on it.


The UTE tray size depends on the size of your UTE. Apart from that fact, a UTE tray should be large enough to accommodate the load and goods you want to transport with the help of your vehicle, but it should not be too much large, it would be waste of space then, in this case, customized UTE trays are best to get satisfied. 


No matter what material and size you are choosing, its quality matters allot when it comes to making a final selection. The durability of the tray largely depends on the quality of the material you have used in the fabrication process. The quality ensures the long-lasting life spam of the UTE Tray.