Job Of Child Custody Lawyer

The separation or divorce is not only hard for the couple, but it also affects the other people associated with them. But the greatest impact of divorce comes on children, even they felt more terrified and stressed than adults. As the divorce will change the way they use to live. Their parents got separated that means they will be unable to have usual family time that they used to of. Also, they have to spend time with one of their parents for a very limited period as one will not be having custody of the children. The parent’s divorce usually hurts child psychology and behaviour. The number of children feels difficulty in coping up with the reality. But the more stressful period is when the child custody needs to be decided. That is the time when the child is mature enough to understand the situation, see itself in a confusing scenario. Because they are unsure of their future that with whom they will be living and they are not the part of the decision.

Here the role of child custody lawyer is critical. This can be said as the child custody lawyer is the person who can be the person, that will be working on the behalf of the child to make the right decision for them. Even though the lawyers will be hired by both parents but both lawyers will have the same objective of betterment of the child. How the child custody lawyer can help parents to reach the settlement and also convince them that which decision will be better for their child. If both parents think that they are good enough for the task, then lawyers will be presenting the case in front of the court to convince them to make the right decision that will be helpful for child better future.

The child custody lawyer in Melbourne will be preparing their case based on the following to pursue the court for the right decision for the child

● Parent Behaviour: The licensed lawyer will always study the behaviour of their opponent parent. They will assess that is the person is responsible to get the custody of the child. Are their lifestyle and occupation being appropriate that they will be able to take care of the child properly? If they think the other party is not fit, they will be gathering evidence to present in front of the court, to evaluate.

● Financial situation: The lawyer will evaluate the current and future financial situation of the other party. As for the wellbeing of the child, the other parent must be in around financial position to provide a better life to the child. This assessment can be very critical to convincing the court to get the favourable decision for their client

● History: The lawyer will try to probe the history of relation between parent and child. If the child is mature enough, they can also discuss with the child about their relation. Knowing the history of child-parent relation will provide better insight that which parent will be more comfortable to live.