Safety Controls For Cases Of Birds Under Solar Panel


Solar panels are used for additional source for power supply which is fully charged by sunlight and is switched on for operating in the absence of original light. There are situa;tions in which different birds, rodents and insects can come under the surface of panels for shelter and rest. The birds under solar panels are capable of destroying the internal machinery of the panel composition as well as cause serious damages and corrosion to the outer surfacing. Differently active and effective precautionary controls like mesh around solar panels, bird mitigation devices and pigeon proofing is done to prevent complications. Although the situation seems to be easy and under control but sometimes the loss created are huge financial amounts.

Safety controls for birds under solar panel

The circumstances are quite dangerous if dropping and nesting materials of birds are left over the solar panel system. There are some suggested approaches that are practiced to avoid serious complications by the presence of birds under solar panel and to save the investment value of the solar system. Some of them are listed below

  • Preparation of a mesh network around the solar panel assembly
  • Perform the bird proofing in the premises
  • Install roof spikes
  • Perform sprays to avoid birds and predators near the complex
  • Invest in the purchase and use of plastic predators
  • Ensure cleanliness
  • Keep the gardens and roof safe and clean
  • Invest in the maintenance of the residential and commercially mounted solar panel systems.

By employing the above-mentioned methods, one can easily avoid the complications displayed by the birds under solar panel. These tips can increase the performance life of the solar panel and its batteries. However, if the condition of the roof is severely bad, one can even call-in the management agency of solar panel installation for safety and security control.

Bird mitigation devices

One very much appreciated method to prevent the long stay of birds and rodents in the premises of roof, railing or near the installation surroundings of solar panel is the set-up of bird mitigation devices. These are established in order to create sensation and voice of frequency adapted for birds in order to scare them so they can leave the place without any serious damage. Some of the most common bird mitigation devices utilized for this purpose include audio visual deterrents, scare tapes, reflective scare alternatives, aluminum foil or plastic tapes to trap small insects and rodents.

These methods are proven to be quite effective and quick in evacuating the spaces free from the birds and predators. Sometimes, laser, other sound objects and even sprinkling water can also be used. By investing time in applying the bird mitigation devices one can easily upgrade the protection level of the solar panel.


Birds under solar panel are usually avoided to keep the individual components as well as the entire panel assembly safe and in proper condition. This can be done by the use of various bird mitigation devices to scare the birds and compel them to leave the area.